Knobs & Pulls

the perfect finishing detail for any cabinetry or furniture project.
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Loop Pulls

Classic Pulls

Lithops Tenon Pulls

Frithia Knobs

I call these little beasties my frithia knobs. Frithias are a strange little South African plant that looks a lot like clusters of tiny alien fingers sprouting out of the soil. My frithia knobs are forged from solid steel and textured on their tops for a soft weathered feel. Each knob is unique and a little bit wonky and has its own unique character. The "fullered" waist is the perfect purchase for your fingers making pulling a pleasure.

The knobs are wire brushed just enough to bring out the silver shine of the steel but still leave the rich blues and grays of the fire scale and finished with clear enamel for long life and durability.

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